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  • Choose from  a huge selection of pre-set fitness programs developed by professional trainers and
  • Select from categories such as Yoga, ABS builder, Calorie Burner, Legs Strengthener and More.
  • A personal trainer will guide you through each program.

  • The motion sensor gaming mat detects your moves and interacts with each program for real time results.
  • Includes beginning and advanced yoga postures.
  • Includes a wide variety of aerobic steps taught from beginning to Advanced levels
  • Includes muscle workouts, guiding step by step to train your entire body at different intensity levels.
  • Includes jogging/ cross country programs to burn calories . Choose your own distances and routes
  • Includes Dance Mat Game- Join the dance craze by selecting from any one of the built in songs.
  • Includes dozens of Classic Arcade games, sporting games, atheletic games and More.
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